On Sunday, we set off from Fort Worth to make our annual summer trip to Wyoming. The heat is starting to crank up in Texas, and this is always a great way to escape and enjoy cool temperatures in July. After the long trip getting here, we finally arrived on Monday evening just slightly road weary.

We were not only greeted by my parents, who we are here to see, but we got to meet Leif and Io who are traveling with their grandparents, Jeff and Melody, to a wedding in Colorado. We have known Jeff and Melody a long time, and I have met their children one time. This was our first time to meet their grandkids, and we have really enjoyed getting to know them.

Sam, Nate, Leif, and Io hit it off right away, and they have really enjoyed playing together. They have played soccer in the back yard, rolled candy under the tires of the oncoming cars in the parade (Leif's idea), marched like soldiers at the cabin, and hiked up the side of Elk Horn Canyon to see the fault line at the top. Considering we have only been here two days, I would say our annual visit to Casper has gotten off to a great start. You can see some of the photos so far below. (We got a new camera, which is why I am more trigger happy than normal).