This year we were able to stay in Fort Worth and celebrate Independence Day with our neighborhood friends and family. We started the day by participating on our neighborhood Fourth of July Parade. Sam and Nate decorated their bikes and rode with the other participants on the (nearly) two mile route through our neighborhood. By the end, they were a little hot and tired, but we had a lot of fun.

Later that day, after spending some time packing for our trip to Wyoming, we drove out to the Gooch farm to eat dinner and launch fireworks with our family. Each family brought so many fireworks that I thought we would never get through them. We did not leave the farm until 11 PM, which meant we got home around 1 AM. Not my best time of day. Sam and Nate, as usual, loved the fireworks and even got to shoot some Roman candles.

This time of year is a great reminder about all the blessings we enjoy as a country. We have freedom to make our own decisions about life, faith, career, and happiness, and on this day we come together to acknowledge that these freedoms come as the result of individual accountability and many men and women who have fought to preserve freedom and liberty for our country. It's a day that makes me both proud and humble at the same time.

You can see some pictures from the big day below.