On Thursday, we took the family to see the Central Wyoming Rodeo in Casper. We have become quite the rodeo fans over the past couple of years, mainly because of the Fort Worth Stock Show Rodeo. The boys have gotten to where they know the different events, and they even seem to like some of them better than others. I have always been a fan of rodeos, though it is much like my appreciation of football in that I would rather watch it than participate. The rodeo last night did not disappoint, and some of the events were among the best we have ever seen, particularly the team roping and calf roping. The clown had a really funny bit toward the middle, which both boys claimed was the highlight of the evening for them. My personal favorite was the bareback and saddle bronc riding, and I was able to get some cool pictures with our new camera. Mom and Dad came with us, which made the whole evening a fun family event. Of course, no outing Casper would be complete if I didn't run into a few people I know. This time I ran into a friend from elementary school, a high school buddy, a former co-worker from Willard Elementary, the son of one my oil field buddies, and some friends from church. You can see my photos (as well as a bunch of others) in our photo album.

Earlier in the day, we went fishing at Yesness Pond. The fishing excursion was quite successful as each boy caught about 10 fish. They like to brag about how many fish they caught, while I was amused by the fact that the sum total of all 20 fish was probably less than 5 pounds! That may actually be an exaggeration (it is a fishing story, after all).