10 years. 5 moves. 6 houses. 2 boys. 1 dog. 4 cars. 1 Master's. 2 Ph.D.'s. 4 universities. 1 community college. 2 preschools. 1 elementary school. 4 people. Infinite possibilities.

This past week, we moved into a new home. We have been looking for a new house since November, and this has been quite the challenging experience. We made a total of 5 offers, and went under contract on 4. Three of those contracts fell through for one reason or another, but we finally found what we believe is the best house of all those we looked at. It has plenty of room, a lot of space for the boys to spread out their stuff, and the back yard it totally massive. Sam and Nate have already spent a lot of time out there playing and exploring.

We feel blessed by God for our new home, and we hope to use it to host and reach out to many people. You can see some images of the house before we moved in, and we hope to have some photos posted soon of its current state. If you would like to come visit, our address is ... wait, this is the Internet! You can e-mail us and we will give you our new address.