This July we got to celebrate another birthday for Gina. The boys and I always look forward to doing something special for Gina's birthday. Last year we went bike riding in the cool weather then went to a hibachi grill for dinner. We made Gina a special plaster cast of the boys' hands, which was not quite as difficult to do as you would think. This year I asked the boys what they thought Mommy would like to do on her birthday, and their unanimous vote was for bowling. We started the day with presents, which included silhouettes of the boys faces. We then went to Sundance Square for lunch with Granddad, and made a stop by the chocolate factory. We then went over to Granny's for dinner and got to have birthday cake and ice cream.

We are so very thankful to have Gina in our lives, and we love getting to do things that make her day special. This birthday came in the middle of some very chaotic new home, unpacking, remodeling stuff, so it was nice to take a break and not think about that for a day. More than anything, we are just glad to be able to show Gina how much we love her.