This weekend the boys got the chance to be in a video shoot with Coach Patterson, the head Horned Frog around these parts. Some students in the Nursing program were putting together a video to promote the upcoming Flu Clinic at TCU. One of them knew someone who knew someone, and they were able to convince Coach P. to participate in the video. Trust me, as soon as that bad boy is ready to roll, I will be posting it faster than you can write the word "viral."

I met Coach P. several years ago when I was an undergraduate at Utah State, and he was an assistant coach for the football team. My fraternity hosted a BBQ for the entire football staff at our house, and he was there. The part of that event that stands out to me is how he sang and played guitar for everyone after the event was over. He was quite gregarious and seemed to really love to play.

Well, all these years later I got to meet him again. I will admit, I didn't rush in and tell him I met him years earlier in Logan, Utah, but I wanted to. Believe me. I sooooo wanted to. But this was about the kids and Gina's nursing students. So, I stood in the background, took some pictures, laughed at Coach P's jokes, and just soaked the whole moment in. The part of this experience that stands out so vividly is how wonderful Coach P. was with the kids. He asked them questions, shook hands, asked their names, and was just an all around great guy. He even asked the kids if they wanted to see his office, and he proceeded to give them M&M's (which Nate seemed to love way too much) and posed for some pictures. I can see why 18 year old kids want to come here to play football for him.

I love cheering for TCU football. It has quickly become a tradition in our house in the last 4 years. But now I can say without a doubt, I'm a pretty big fan of the guy behind all the X's and O's.