If you live anywhere near Dallas or Fort Worth, then you know about the spectacle known as AT&T Stadium. Also known as Cowboys Stadium. Or Jerry's World. Some even refer to it as the Death Star. No matter what you call it, there is not doubt this is one of the most amazing venues in the United States. Every detail is perfect and there is something for fans of every age. I have now attended to two TCU games here, and I am still amazed by this place.

So, when I heard that TCU was playing LSU in the Cowboy Classic 2013, I jumped at the chance to get tickets and see the game in person. Of course, I had to get my #1 football watching partner, my dad, in on the action too. So he flew down from Wyoming to spend the weekend with us and watch the game with me on Saturday night.

We had a great time hanging out and visiting some different sites around Fort Worth. Dad came to TCU with me on Friday and even managed to squeeze in a nap while I taught a class. We then picked up the boys from school and went to get ice cream. That night we went to Edohana Hibachi Grill for dinner, and it was just as good the second time as it was on Gina's birthday.

The game was not until Saturday night, so we relaxed and took the boys to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for the afternoon. Finally, Tommy and Carol arrived at the house and we drove to the game. I even managed to get free parking with my Six Flags Over Texas season pass, which saved us about $40. It was kind of a long, hot walk to the stadium, but thankfully Jerry closed the roof and turned on the AC in the stadium for us to cool down.

The game itself was pretty good, and TCU actually had a chance to win in the 4th quarter. But LSU proved to be just a little faster, bigger, and more capable of big plays. I was still very proud of the Horned Frogs for stepping up and competing with a team that played for a national title just two years ago.

On Sunday, we all went to church and then to lunch. Eating was a major theme for this weekend, and Sunday lunch did not disappoint. We went to Charleston's, and it was very good as usual. After a short rest at home, Dad, the boys and I headed to the airport to catch his flight. We were sad to see our fun weekend end so quickly, but we were grateful for the chance to spend some time with PawPaw and experience the wonder what is Jerry's World in person. I don't know when TCU will play there again, but you can bet I will be in line for tickets when they do. And I'm bringing Dad with me!