What do you do when your heart wants to play soccer more than anything, but all the sky wants to do is pour rain? When you put your uniform on before you even eat breakfast, but you have nowhere to go? You start with a thrill ride you'll never forget. The world's tallest roller coaster, or a daring escape from the evil clutches of Dr. Doofenshmirtz. Or a ride to the store with Mommy!

Then you move on to some light construction. A house for your action figures, or maybe a new type of car. The kind that can fly, float, go under water and has a bathroom AND a kitchen!

And you end with a major construction project: building a garage for your Jeep. The kind you can actually pull into. One that has a door that goes up and down. Then you decorate it with paint and markers. So everyone will know it's yours.

The next thing you know, the rain has stopped and you completely forgot you were even supposed to play soccer that morning. Sometimes you have a lot to do, and if you're lucky God will send some rain to remind you that "fun" isn't always something you have to go find or buy. It's something you make.