One thing I have always loved doing is following the sports teams for the various schools I have attended. Utah State, Colorado State, Virginia, and of course TCU (even though I never went to school there). This is never more of a distraction than during football season. I study each schedule and check for updates during each game. When possible, I watch the game on TV. Then there are those magical times when I actually get to go see one of my teams play live. Well, today not only did I get to see one team play, I got to see two! That's right, TCU played against UVa today in Fort Worth, and Gina and I got to go. It was pretty cool to see all of the Orange and Blue around AGC Stadium, and it was one of the few games where I knew no matter the outcome, I would be happy. This particular outcome came out in favor of the Horned Frogs, which was fine by me.

To make the day even better, one of our little soccer players (Sam) score 2 goals in his soccer game today. He was pretty excited, but he is playing it cool and looking ahead to his next goals. Now we are hoping Nate will blaze one into the net this season so we can officially say we have 2 soccer stars in the family.