Well, another Halloween has come and gone. This is always a fun time of year for us as we watch the boys get excited for wearing their costumes and getting LOTS of candy. As you can see from the pictures, GiGi makes the most amazing costumes and they love wearing them. For the first time this year, we asked Sam and Nate what they wanted to be for Trick or Treating. Sam was inspired by Ella's princess and prince dolls this summer, and he wanted to be a prince. We asked him if he was Prince Charming or Prince Valiant, and he replied, "I'm Prince Sam." It's hard to argue with that. Nate drew his inspiration from the Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge, where they have a full grown Great Horned Owl. The costumes were spot on, and they drew quite a few comments from the people in our neighborhood. We also have a boat load of candy in our house, which is always bad news for me. PaPa made sure all of the neighborhood kids had plenty of treats while we were out making the rounds with the boys, which probably helped keep the tricks at a minimum. I'm sure these costumes will get used plenty of times in the next few months, so it will really be like Halloween never ended. Keep an eye out for more owl and prince pictures!