Last Friday, Gina and I headed to Cowboys Stadium with my parents and her parents to watch TCU play BYU in football. I was very excited to watch the Horned Frogs play against my all-time most hated team ever, the Cougars from Provo. Having grown up in Wyoming, going to USU and CSU for college/grad. school and now cheering for TCU, I have always had a legitimate reason to cheer against BYU.

But beyond the actual game was the fact that this competition was taking place in probably the most modern, fanciest and definitely most expensive stadium in the world ... Cowboy Stadium. I have wanted to see a game here since it opened, and I have to say Jerry did not disappoint me. Every aspect of this stadium was amazing and totally over the top. From the luxurious lounges and eating areas to the massive screen hanging over the field, this place was just awesome.

What made it more awesome was the fact that we beat BYU! The only thing more entertaining than seeing your team beat the Cougars is listening to scores of dejected BYU fans grumble about losing. This was especially gratifying to me after they came back and beat my beloved USU Aggies a few weeks back. Of course, it's the converse when they win. But we won this one, and that's all that matters.