This is Sam and Nate's third Christmas, but I have to say that this one has been the most fun yet. They still don't quite understand why Christmas is such a big deal, but they are aware that something is going on and involves a lot of activities, Santa Claus and candy canes. We have been very busy this Christmas season with several fun activities.

The first big activity we got to share together was putting up our family Christmas tree. After a couple of mishaps with ornaments (i.e., throwing them back into the box or across the room), the boys did a beautiful job of hanging ornaments on the tree. They continue to be fascinated with the decorations and lights, and they insist that they tree stay lit at all times. Sam got to put the cross on top of the tree this year, and thank goodness for photos so we will remember that it is Nate's turn next Christmas.

The next big event was a Santa Claus breakfast put on by the Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples group. Gina and I weren't sure how the boys would react to Old Saint Nick because, well, he's a little scary to those who haven't been indoctrinated to associate him with gifts, candy and two weeks off from school. For a couple of days leading up to the event we talked about Santa Claus and showed them some pictures. I even rehearsed what Santa would say when they sat on his lap (and you WILL sit on his lap!), and told them how to respond. Well, the big day came and we made our way into the church that was hosting the breakfast. We went straight to the room with Santa, and much to my surprise, both boys RAN to him, JUMPED in his lap and sat very still for several great pictures. They never cease to surprise me!

Our next stop was Zachary's Christmas choir concert at his school. We made it to the school just in time for the music to start, and we got to enjoy a very well done choir concert. Afterwards, we all went to get frozen yogurt before we headed back to Ft. Worth.

A little bit of Christmas came early when Gina ordered the boys some new house slippers. These were just to cute to wait, and with the cold weather we've been having lately these slippers have kept their feet quite cozy.

Finally, last week the boys had their Christmas program at school. We got them all gussied up for the event, and headed to the school. Nate was not too happy to be back at school at first, but he settled down pretty quickly. I think it was a case of pre-performance nerves. The boys' class went first in the program and sang a little song about Jingle Bells (not THE jingle bells song). Sam was right on cue, and Nate warmed up pretty quickly. Here is a video of their first ever live performance. I also included song from one of the older classes. I was pretty amazed that they could pull this off.

There will be more activities to report, I'm sure, so check back and we'll keep you posted.