This past weekend we traveled to Austin to visit several different family member. Austin is one of my favorite cities, so I was really looking forward to getting down there to hang out a little bit. Our first stop was with the Kelly's: John, Carrie, Max and Wes. Max and Wes are close in age to the twins, and they all had a really good time together. The highlight of the night was when the three older boys ran in circles giving Frosty the Snowman high-fives. John wrote about our visit on his blog. The next stop was the Gooch family reunion on Saturday morning. We were able to connect with several of the family members in the morning at breakfast, and we saw everyone else at my Great Uncle Bo's house. I had not seen many of these family members in several years, so it was wonderful to get a chance to catch up with them. The highlight of the day for me was Uncle Art's fish. He makes the best fish I have ever eaten, and this batch didn't disappoint. He fried 25 lbs. of fish for everyone, and I'm pretty sure I ate about half of it. We stayed and visited until the sun went down, then we decided to take Sam and Nate back to the hotel (or as Sam says, the 'otel) before there were any meltdowns.

One Sunday morning, we met my cousins on the Alexander side for breakfast. Don and Elizabeth and their two children, Brianna and Braden, live in Round Rock, and they drove to the hotel to visit with us. I had not seen them in about 10 years, so it was great to catch up. It is always great to reconnect with family we haven't seen in awhile. It was actually Gina and the boys' first time to meet these family members. We are looking forward to our next trip to Austin so we can visit everyone else again and get to know them even better.