This Saturday, we all got to take another adventure in Illinois. Fun Shop organized a train ride to Lincoln, about an hour drive north of Springfield. The trip only took about 30 minutes by train, and it seemed like even shorter than that. The boys got a snack, a Thomas the Train sticker and the conductor came through and punched their special Fun Shop ticket. Sam and Nate both loved the train, and they especially loved eating their raisins and looking out the window.

Most of the families had one parent ride the train while the other one drove to Lincoln to pick everyone up for the drive back to Springfield. We really couldn't do that because that would leave one parent with two very active toddlers on the train. So, when we got to Lincoln, we went to a have Pizza (where we got to meet another Springfield family that lives just down the street from us) then we took the train back to Springfield. As is often the case with trains, it was late, so the boys got to run around and play for an extra 40 minutes until we were able to board. I forgot to mention, by this time it was past their bedtime, and Nate was getting quite slap happy. He does this when he's tired and it's past his bedtime.

We arrived safely at home around 9:30, and the boys, as well as Gina and I, went straight to bed. I'm now convinced that train travel is pretty cool, and we can't wait to do it again.