Well, it wasn't Carter Mountain Orchard, but we found a suitable substitute in Illinois: the Apple Barn in Chatham. We went there this morning as one of our Fun Shop events, and the boys had a nice time. The weather was actually kind of crummy, but we were bundled up and ready for action. The first part of the field trip was just walking around through the rows of pumpkins. We then got to go in the barn and see the apple cider press, which was more impressive to the parents than it was to the toddlers. We briefly walked over to the small apple orchard and looked at all of the different trees, but the rain started to come down a little harder and we all headed back to the barn to try some apple cider (which the boys loved) and a fresh apple from the tree (which Nathaniel ate in one sitting ... the picture is below to prove it). Tomorrow we are going on a train ride, and Sam has been practicing his "choo choo" sound in preparation for the big event. I'll write more about that tomorrow.