I am happy to report that Gina and the boys made it safely home yesterday about 7:00. Thankfully, the boys remembered who I was and were very glad to see me. After a spaghetti dinner (that I had ready for them when they got here), a bath and family prayers, Gina and I unpacked the car and I put the car seats back in the Subaru. We returned the rental car this morning. so everything is officially back in place and the family is back together. We visited Westside Christian Church again today, and the boys got to try out the nursery. I kept looking at the little "parent alert" sign in the sanctuary to see if they would call us in to come get one of them, but it never lit up. When we went in to pick up the boys, there was evidence of a snack on Sam's mouth and shirt (e.g., crumbs). The boys' enjoyment of an activity is positively correlated with the presence of a snack. Overall, it was a great experience for everyone.

I am glad to have everyone back and see things get back to normal. The boys came back with a few more words and expressions, and they came home too see a few more big boy toys that I picked up off Craigslist. My first day of mandatory meetings at the university is tomorrow, so that's when the adventure officially begins. Though, I wouldn't exactly call the last 4 months uneventful.