As you can see, mealtime is one of the favorite events for Sam and Nate. There are some foods they each don't really like, but for the most part they will eat everything and a lot of it. Well, apparently Nate decided to take it to the next level while visiting Thomas and Jessica's house. Thomas is my cousin and Jessica is his wife, and they have a dog named Jasmine. While visiting their house, Nate got really quiet in the kitchen and came out chewing on something. Gina knew she hadn't given the boys something to eat, so she did the infamous finger swoop in his mouth. With Sam and Nate, the finger swoop almost always is done in conjunction with the jaw pry because they never want to relinquish what it is they have in their mouth. And what Nate had in his mouth was Jasmine's dog food. According to Gina, he seemed to like it and didn't want to give it up. What we don't know is how much dog food he actually ate before he came out of the kitchen. If you've ever seen Nate eat, he could easily down one or two handfulls of food before finally emerging from the kitchen. We will probably never know. I'm thinking I will see if I can teach him to roll over when they get back.