On September 3, the boys reached the seven month milestone. So, how have things changed now that they are 7 months old? Well, they are consistently sleeping through the night, which is a huge blessing for Gina and me. They aren't quite crawling, but they worm around on their bellies and manage to get to just about anything they have in their sights. They can almost drink from a sippy cup, though they usually just chew on the spout. They can also pick up little snacks and put them in their mouths. Unfortunately for Nate, he doesn't have teeth yet so he ends up sucking on them. Sam can kind of chew, but it takes him awhile. The boys are also very happy because 7 is the number of their dad's all-time favorite football player, John Elway.

We celebrated with a trip to Mom's office in our new stroller/trailer. The sun was pretty bright that day, so we had to wear shades.

Sam successfully wedged himself in between the couch and the lounge chair.

And Nate was rockin' the cool hairdo, as always. I think I had that hairstyle in junior high.

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