One thing I have always wanted to get is a baby bike trailer. Even before I was married, I used to imagine how cool it would be carting my children all over town in a little weather-proof trailer that hooks to my bike. When my friend Mike got one for his twin girls a few years back, that sealed the deal. On a couple of occasions, I actually thought about buying one to keep in reserve for when I finally did have kids. There was even a space in our garage in Wyoming that I thought was perfect for storing a baby bike trailer.

Well, fast forward to 2008. Gina and I finally got a baby bike trailer for Sam and Nate! I researched this for weeks, and I'm pretty sure I drove Gina crazy trying to choose the perfect trailer. We settled on one that I think is pretty rad, and I'm sure Sam and Nate like it too. I set it up in the living room and wheeled it around the downstairs. Then today I took them for their first stroll--in the rain--to see how it works. They were snug and dry as a bone when we got home. Me? Basically soaked. The next step is to hook that bad boy up to my bike and cruise around Charlottesville, but we have to wait until they are a little older and have bike helmets. There will definitely be pictures, and maybe even video, of that momentous event.

Gina also found a pair of baby backpacks on Craigslist. I wasn't sure about this at first, but after lugging these 20 pounders to The Corner (about a mile walk) in a Baby Bjorn on Sunday, I gave her the green light. We only walked around the yard, but it seems very easy to use and not nearly as brutal on my back as that other contraption.

On a side note, one of our Baby Bjorns (which is a knock-off) has a built in fanny pack, and Gina tells me I look ultra-cool in a fanny pack. That's right ... I'm bringing sexy back!