Gina and I had a very important prenatal visit on Wednesday, October 3rd. We have been anticipating this visit more than the others because we knew it would be when we found out the gender of our twins. During a previous visit, one of the residents tried to help us get a sneak peek but was unsuccessful as the babies kept squirming and crossing their legs. We couldn't get them to cooperate, so we knew we had to wait until October.

Well, October is here and the gender of our twins is no longer a secret. After seeing the sonographer carefully analyze everything from their heartbeats to their brains to the length of their femurs, we found out that we are going to welcome two boys into the Alexander home. Yes, apparently any modesty they displayed in the first attempt was shed during this episode. The sonographer told us she was repeatedly flashed throughout the scan. She didn't say anything about it at first because she wasn't sure we wanted to know. I know everyone will be curious about the names we are considering, but that will remain a secret until they are born.

In the midst of cherishing this joyful news and reflecting on what is to come, we experienced deep sorrow as we realized that Gina's first cousin, Kara Jean Kelly Herynk, was nearing the end of her struggle with cancer. On Saturday, October 6th, Kara passed away from this life, but she became alive in ways we can only imagine. You can view her blog by clicking here. The most recent posts share very precious thoughts from Kara's mother and sister, including a very touching poem/prose by Cynthia Heald. When you have a chance, please read this.