Gina and I got to do one of our favorite things this weekend ... listen to live music. We went to see a band called Clumsy Lovers, and they were pretty excellent. I would describe their music as modern bluegrass or folk. They have an unbelievable banjo player who pretty much stole the show. Of course, the best part is that they are from Vancouver, B.C., which is where Gina and I spent our honeymoon. It made us want to drop everything and go back there again. It's after going to a show like that I wish I was able to practice more on the guitar and get to be as good as those folks. But the reality is, if I was going to be that good I'd be that good already. We had a lot of fun hanging out with one of Gina's classmates, Erika, and her friend. This was one of the few nights out on the town we've had this semester and it was a welcome break.

I had another pleasant surprise this week as I got to see my students present their digital stories. For these projects they used Movie Maker to combine their voice with pictures and music to tell a story to the rest of the class. This is the sort of thing I love, and I was probably more excited to see their projects than there were to share them. Anyway, there were several students from the two sections of my class who took the opportunity to tell, through their stories, about the wonderful things God is doing in their lives. It is always refreshing to hear other people talk about their faith and the difference knowing God has made in their lives. I am not so sure that I would have been so bold as a first or second year college student. But these students, having the choice to tell any story they wanted, told the great story of God's love for us and the hope He offers.

The Virginia Cavaliers hosted the Temple Owls this weekend in football. Now, before I give any more details I think it is important to tell you that this is the first year Temple has played Division I-A football. Anytime a school makes the move from AA to A, they are usually met with pretty grim results. This being said, Temple did manage to score 3 points against the Cavs. This would be a good thing if they were playing soccer or hockey, but in football your best chance of winning when you only score 3 points is if the other team lets the Glee Club suit up for a game. So, the fact that the Cavs scored 51 points (48 of them before Temple scored their 3) made for a long day for the Owls. You might even say Temple is having a long season, as they have yet to win a game. They are looking to run the table during their first season of big boy football. Next week they are hosting the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets. Katie and Joe, as well as Joe's sister (who went to UVA) and brother-in-law are coming down for the game. We are hoping for the same outcome as the Florida State game.

Well, I think that is all we have to share this week. Next week I will be able to share results from the men's soccer ACC tournament, which should be pretty good. Take care, and write us when you get a chance.