This weekend we had a great time of fellowship, food and football with many great friends and family. I think I met my alliteration quota for the month with that sentence. Gina and I have been busy with assignments and projects, but we took some time off to hang out with good people and eat some great food.

On Friday we had dinner with our friends, the Perez family, as well as some new friends, Alan and Emily Wang. We celebrated an early Thanksgiving together since everyone is going to be traveling to other places during the holiday. In case you didn't know, Gina and I are going to Texas for Thanksgiving. Anyway, we also got to dote on Alan and Emily's new baby, Vivian. What a cutie!

Saturday, Katie and Joe came down from Alexandria to see Joe's sister Jenny and her family as they visited Charlottesville to watch the Cavaliers play the Yellowjackets from Georgia Tech. Jenny is a UVA alumnus, and she was very eager to come back to C'ville and see her alma mater again. Her kids, Robbie and Megan, were all decked out in their Cav gear, which for Robbie was a bright orange wig! They even got filmed and projected onto the big Jumbotron screen in the student section of the stadium. After the game we went to The Hardware Store, a restaurant on the Downtown Mall. Some people in the group tried their hand at a half meter, which if you don't know what that is you can look on my Flickr site for pictures. The evening ended with the Moskowitz's going back to their hotel, while Katie and Gina easily handled Joe and I in a game of Spades. We're already planning our strategy for the rematch.

Overall, I can speak for both of us when I say we are ready for a short break from school. I still have a lot of work to do over the holiday, so it won't exactly be a vacation. But, it will be nice to take some time to spend with family and eat plenty of turkey and dressing. Also, Gina and I will celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary while we are in Texas. With all there is to be thankful for at this point in our lives, we are most thankful for each other and God, who brought us together.