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SITE 2016

I have spent most of this week at the annual SITE (Society for Information Technology and Teacher Education) conference in Savannah, GA. This is my first time to visit this city, and based one what I have seen so far, it's very nice. 

TCSS 2015

This weekend I had the opportunity to co-present in a couple of sessions at the Texas Council for the Social Studies (TCSS) annual conference in Fort Worth, Texas. I was in two different sessions, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Details and resources from each session are below.

Growing in your craft: Accessing social studies support & resources for K-12 teachers

This session was organized by Dan Krutka at Texas Woman's University, and also included Michelle Bauml from TCU and Katie Payne from UT Austin. We discussed resources and organizations in which social studies teachers can use to get ideas for their teaching. We shared some resources, then we opened up the discussion for others in attendance to share the resources they use for their teaching. The latter part of the session was excellent, and I could barely keep up as I scrambled to take notes. You can view our slides and group document below. The document is open for anyone to contribute, so please feel free to add resources you find helpful (if in fact you teach social studies).

High Tech, Low Tech, No Tech: Promoting Historical Thinking with Images

Michelle Bauml and I also presented a session on using images in social studies instruction. We knew there would be a wide variety of participants with differing levels of technology skills, so we wanted to present activities that range from no technology needed to those that require somewhat advanced technology skills. This session included several hands on activities and many examples. You can view the slides and session resources below.

K12 Online Conference 2015

I recently contributed to a panel for the K12 Online Conference 2015 about the changing role of technology in teacher preparation. The project was led by Wes Fryer, and other panelists included Cyndi Danner-Kuhn and Dean Mantz. The K12 Online Conference is completely free, completely online, and completely full of excellent presentations about innovative practices in classrooms across the country. This is my second time to be involved in a presentation, and it is a great experience.

Besides the convenience of being able to learn and collaborate without the burden of travel, this conference has an amazing reach. As of this morning, our panel discussion had 22 views on YouTube, and it was only posted today! I usually do not get 22 people in any of my conference presentations, so it is remarkable to think more and more people will get to engage with our ideas over time.

You can see our presentation description on the K2 Online Conference website, and I have also embedded the panel discussion below.

The Teaching Professor Technology Conference 2015

TPT 2015

This weekend I presented on gamification at the 2015 Teaching Professor Technology Conference in New Orleans. This is my second Magna conference, and it was fantastic. I met some wonderful people and learned some excellent strategies for using tech in my teaching. Below are my presentation materials.

I look forward to participating with this community of learners again in the future!

Here are some other resources I have written on using gamification in your classroom:

Campus Technology 2015

CT15 Slides One of the main responsibilities I have in my profession is to keep inquiry, knowledge, and skills moving forward. My particular slice of inquiry, knowledge, and skills that I am committed to moving forward is the use of technology in higher ed teaching and learning. One channel for doing this academic and professional development conferences. I had the opportunity to speak at one such conference this week in Boston. The conference is Campus Technology Summer Conference 2015. I gave a talk about using technology effectively in large lecture classes where students bring their own devices (bring your own device, or BYOD). Here are the slides to my presentation, and here is a recording of the presentation (slide capture only). Overall, it was a good conference, and I made some great contacts. I look forward to returning to CT Summer Conference in the future.

The Teaching Professor Conference 2014

Alexander, Curby TPC poster  

Believe it or not, many of my musings on this blog end up in academic papers and conference presentations. For example, this blog post turned into this conference paper, which I am currently reworking into a journal manuscript. I took some of same ideas, and organized them into a poster that I will be presenting tomorrow at The Teaching Professor Conference in Boston. This is the first time I have attended this conference, and I am quite excited to see how it goes. My "home" conference is SITE (Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education), and I have gotten quite comfortable with it. I am on several committees, and I know so many people there that I end up spending most of my time talking in the hallway.

The program for this conference looks very interesting and covers a lot of topics I am currently interested in. I may or may not give updates from the conference itself, but you can rest assured that many of the things I hear and discuss will morph into posts on this blog.

Here is a link to the brochure I will be handing out at my poster session, which is displayed above.