Alexander, Curby TPC poster  

Believe it or not, many of my musings on this blog end up in academic papers and conference presentations. For example, this blog post turned into this conference paper, which I am currently reworking into a journal manuscript. I took some of same ideas, and organized them into a poster that I will be presenting tomorrow at The Teaching Professor Conference in Boston. This is the first time I have attended this conference, and I am quite excited to see how it goes. My "home" conference is SITE (Society of Information Technology in Teacher Education), and I have gotten quite comfortable with it. I am on several committees, and I know so many people there that I end up spending most of my time talking in the hallway.

The program for this conference looks very interesting and covers a lot of topics I am currently interested in. I may or may not give updates from the conference itself, but you can rest assured that many of the things I hear and discuss will morph into posts on this blog.

Here is a link to the brochure I will be handing out at my poster session, which is displayed above.