Our last stop on our road trip was Hot Springs, Arkansas. I have been here a couple of times, but Gina and the boys have never visited this area before. This is one of those towns that I am just captivated by. It has a rich history, and the many old and abandoned buildings give you a glimpse into the former splendor of this unique little town. We got to tour the old bath houses, we walked around in the shops, we peeked inside the Arlington Hotel, and we climbed to the top of the observation tower.

We actually stayed about 10 miles outside of town in Hot Springs Village. This place holds special meaning for me. This is the place where I spent my last vacation with both sets of grandparents, and I have a lot of vivid memories from that trip. Our room was quite spacious compared to the motel rooms in Savannah and Gatlinburg, and we were able to eat some of our meals right there in the condo. Even though we had a great time in Hot Springs, and on the trip in general, I think we were all ready to get home after being on the road for 3 weeks.

You can see our photos from this leg of the trip in our online photo album.