Sam and Nate got to take "getting dirty" to a whole new level this weekend. They have never had a hard time making a mess, but the 2015 Dirty Scurry was a whole new realm of mud and messiness. I have never done one of these races, so I had no idea what to expect. There were 12 obstacles on the "race" course, each of which involved running, crawling, or climbing through mud. Honestly, I was not sure how the boys would respond to this. I thought Nate would like it more than Sam since he tends to like playing in the dirt more than his perfectionist brother. On the other hand, Sam tends to be more competitive and usually likes this sort of challenge. Well, they both ended up loving this event! Sam loved the competition, and Nate loved the mud, so I guess I was right on both accounts. I had a brief "parent of the year" moment when I could not find Sam, but he went straight to the place I told them to wait for me if we got separated. With over 2,000 children, I can still hardly believe I made it to the car with both boys with me, but it all worked out.

I actually think they will want to do this again next year, and with a year of experience under our belts, it will be even more fun and dirty next year! Below are a few pictures from our adventure.