20141031_191200This year may have been our most eventful October on record. Since the beginning of the month, we have attended 2 TCU football games, played 5 soccer games, gone to 3 fall festivals, been trick-or-treating, visited a pumpkin patch, and gone to the State Fair of Texas. And this is in addition to our jobs and school. We are exhausted! Thanks to GiGi, the boys had some amazing ninja costumes to wear this year. Because of all the events we went to, they had plenty of opportunities to wear their ninja gear this year. I think these rank up there with their favorite costumes of all time. They also got a lot of compliments on Friday as went from house to house.

Another really fun happening in October is that our friend Flo came to visit from Tennessee. We have not seen her in awhile, and we were so glad she could take some time away from her busy job to come see us. We got to show her all around Fort Worth (which she kept noticing, covers a lot of ground). We went to Joe T. Garcia's to eat, a pumpkin patch, and the boys even got to show her Frozen for the first time. We hope to visit her again sometime soon, and maybe we will invade her place in Tennessee!

I know November will be busy and fun as well, but this October has been one to remember. You can see more photos of our happenings in our family photo album.