Sam and Nate had the day off school today (all week actually), but I still had to teach two classes. When Gina asked them what they wanted to do on their first day of vacation, their answer was unanimous: go watch Daddy teach.

Based on previous visits to my class by the boys, I was a little nervous about how this would turn out. The boys tend to act silly when they get nervous, and what else would make a kid nervous than a room full of college students staring at you.

Well, it turns out I was half right. Sam was definitely silly, running around, playing on the computer, writing on the white board, and sliding on the floor. It was quite the display, trust me. Nate, however, stayed composed and talked with the students. He asked them some questions and finally dismissed them to leave.




When they went to meet my second class, things went a little better. We talked to Sam about what is appropriate and what is (cough) obnoxious (cough) ... not. Sam read the class his report on Slingin' Sammy Baugh while Nate controlled the slideshow from the iPad.

After they met the students, they walked around TCU for awhile then we all met for lunch. It was a fun time and a good lesson on how to behave in the future. We all need those reminders from time to time. 10487185_10205123283624161_771919477963326875_n1724402_10205123284784190_3311133517921399614_n10150708_10205123285144199_2613115020086438496_n