Sam and Nate started First grade at their new school this week. The summer has been a mixed bag of moving, playing, vacationing, and doing work on the new house. Some fun, some not so much. We have been prepping the boys for their new school all summer, and the big day finally arrived this Monday. We were thrilled to find out who their teachers are for this year, and things are shaping up to be a wonderful year. We are grateful for their wonderful Kindergarten teachers at Oakmont Elementary for helping prepare them for 1st grade, and I know they will learn a bunch this year as well. My favorite quote of the week came from Sam:

Sam: Daddy, today at school a girl got in trouble and the teacher made her go sit at her desk and put her head down.

Me: Oh, no! That is really sad. Did she cry?

Sam: No, she didn't! She just kept on teaching!

You can see a few more pictures below from the big day. Go Mustangs!