Easter is one of our favorite times of year. The weather is starting to get warmer, the semester is coming to a close (and consequently more chaotic), and we get to spend time reflecting on what really matters to us. This year for Easter, we got to spend quality time with family and relax a little before the mad flurry of activities comes to an apex.

Gina was out of town for part of the break, so the boys and I spent our day off on Good Friday doing some work in the yard and around the house. We slept late, watched cartoons in the morning, and generally just enjoyed hanging out with each other. That evening we went to the Good Friday service at church, which had a really good message and gave us plenty of time to reflect on the meaning of Easter. On Saturday we picked Gina up at the airport and drove over to have an early Easter dinner with Tommy, Carol, Zach, Kendall, and Granny. We had a great time visiting and watching movies, and we stayed up WAAAYYY too late.

Easter was the big day to dress up in the shirt and tie (for Sam and Nate at least) from GiGi and PaPa and celebrate the risen Savior at church. The service was great (and packed!) and we were reminded once again why we love our church and how blessed we are. Later that day we had a delicious lunch with Granny at our house, then the boys got to hunt for Easter eggs in the courtyard of Granny's apartment. I'm pretty sure they would tell you, that was the highlight of Easter for them. The eggs were hidden well enough that it took them some time to find all of them, but they were still able to be successful.

I have included some more photos below, and as you can see, it was a wonderful way to celebrate Jesus and his victory over sin and death, and remind us of the hope we have in Him.