I say this every year, but I can hardly believe Sam and Nate are 5. It just seems like yesterday these two little jellybeans burst onto the scene in Charlottesville, VA on the 8th floor of UVA Hospital. At the time, 5 years seemed a lifetime away, and in some ways it has been. We've moved, and moved, and moved some more. We've had new jobs, changed schools, met new friends, visited new churches. The boys have grown in inches and pounds, expanded their vocabulary, and explored every inch of their world. To call this adventure almost seems to be an understatement.

This year we celebrated Sam and Nate's birthday by having a "Super Bowl"-ing Party. We met with many family and friends at the local bowling alley and had a great time on the lanes, eating cake and pizza, and laughing with each other. It was a lot of fun watching all of the kids trying to move those heavy balls up the lanes, and they seemed to get better as the day went on. Sam and Nate had a great time, and we were all happy so many people came out to celebrate with us.

You can see more pictures of the party in our our photo album. Gina and I are so very proud of Sam and Nate. They are a blessing and joy to our family, and they never cease to amaze us with all they are learning. We can't wait to see what the next year brings.