One of our favorite family traditions each year is dressing up for Halloween in the awesome costumes GiGi makes for the boys. The first costume she made for the boys was a dinosaur. Then they were clowns. Last year, they picked their own theme: Nate was an owl and Sam was a prince. This year, they went with an old reliable theme: superheroes. Nate decided to be The Incredible Hulk and Sam was Batman. As you can see from the picture above, the costumes turned out great. In fact, when we went to a Halloween event at TCU, both boys got compliments about their costumes at just about every stop. They were pretty proud of their awesome costumes. If that wasn't enough, GiGi came to Texas to go trick-or-treating with us, so she got to see them in action. After about an hour of walking around our neighborhood adding to our already massive stash of candy, the boys decided they wanted to go home and pass out candy. So that is what we did. For over an hour. This turned out to be their favorite part of the evening. I have a feeling it won't be long before we start decorating the outside of our house and create some sort of haunted house. They liked it that much. I also think Sam liked telling the kids, "Only one piece!" He's our little enforcer.

We followed up Halloween with a weekend full of activities. GiGi came to the boys last soccer game of the season, and Uncle Clay and Aunt Gail came over from Garland to meet us. We got to have fun with our teammates at McDonald's, then we showed everyone around TCU and other sites around Fort Worth. On Sunday, we took GiGi to McKinney Church and got to have a delicious lunch at The Cotton Patch Cafe.

Like all good weekends, this one ended way too soon, and we had to say good-bye until Christmas. We have now entered the season of being thankful (which should be more than a season), and we are definitely thankful for the fun Halloween we had this year. I hesitate to call it a "holiday," but it sure is fun to put on costumes and eat candy until your stomach hurts. I can't want to do it again next year!