Today the boys embarked on a new adventure at a new school. We spent the last two years at Pebbles Preschool in Keller, but after our move to Fort Worth we wanted to find something a little closer to TCU. We settled on University Christian Church Weekday School because it is close to our work and has a very good reputation. The last couple of weeks have been interesting because the school did not start until after Labor Day. Gina and I have had to creatively find ways to make sure the boys are taken care of while we attended class and various meetings. With the help of Granny, we have been able to make every appointment/class/meeting and get most of our work done at a reasonable hour.

Anyway, the day finally arrived for us to head to school and meet the teachers. The boys actually met their teachers last Friday, but today was the first day of actual school. As you can see from the pictures, they were pretty excited and had a great time at their new school. They came home talking about some of their new friends. Sam got to be line leader (which is a BIG deal because, as many of you know, he LOVES to be first), and Nate got to be lunch helper. They were also extremely glad to find out that this school has tricycles and scooters to play with at recess. I'm impressed myself, not to mention a little bit jealous. All I have in my office is a MacBook Pro (which is pretty sweet, by the way).

After school, we walked to my office for a snack and a meeting with one of my students. The boys were very cooperative and well mannered. We even spotted Lightning McQueen in the parking lot as we were leaving, which just heaps a pile of rad on an already awesome day. We are expecting great things this year at UCC Weekday School, and I know this will be a year to remember.  Stay tuned for more updates from school and other activities.