One of my favorite things about bringing my family back to Casper is showing them some of my old haunts. A few nights ago Gina and I took the boys up to Casper Mountain so they could hike the Braille Trail and Crimson Dawn. The Braille Trail was founded in 1975 by Lee McCune, an active member of the Lion's Club, as a way for the visually impaired  to enjoy the many natural wonders on Casper Mountain. It is extremely well marked and the perfect distance for two 4-year olds. Crimson Dawn offers beautiful views of Muddy Mountain and the Laramie Mountain Range. We didn't get to explore all of the trails, but we got to see enough to know we want to go back. Our evening ended with dinner with our friends Jeff and Bethany Cutts, and we were ushered back into town with a spectacular view of Casper's lights. The mountain has already become a favorite destination for the boys.

You can see more images from our adventure in our photo album.