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This past Tuesday, the boys embarked on a totally new adventure: organized sports. I need clarify, this is 4-year old soccer, so "organized" in this case means scheduled games and matching uniforms. Soccer was by far my favorite sport growing up, and I would still love to play it again in the Old Men with Sore Knees league.

Gina and I have had discussions about when the boys might be ready to start soccer. On one hand, they love to kick the ball and run around the back yard. On the other hand, they are still "learning" how to follow instructions and be good listeners. We went ahead and enrolled them, knowing the other kids would probably be at about the same place developmentally. If nothing else, it will give them some more exercise and give us one more excuse to be outside. The only down side of this first practice was that I had to miss it. I recently was interviewed at the University of North Texas for a position in the Department of Learning Technologies. While Gina and the boys were outside running around and having fun, I was having dinner with the other faculty members and some of the doctoral students. Both activities were great and worthwhile, and it's just too bad I couldn't be both places at once.