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This is the phrase the boys use when everyone from our family is together. Typically we will mention to the boys that we are about to go see <<insert family member>>, and the boys will respond, "Is it going to be all family?" Well, last weekend was definitely "all family." We started out on Friday with Kendall and Zach coming to our house to spend the night. After playing for awhile and eating dinner, we went to Northwood Church for the Journey to the Manger. They had a live nativity, snacks and crafts for the kids, and a real petting zoo. I think the animals were everyone's favorite part. We came home and the boys went to bed while everyone else stayed up and watched A Christmas Story. Needless to say, I slept through most of it.

The next day we hung around the house during the morning and early afternoon. The boys loved playing with their cousins in the house and at the park. Later that afternoon, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Carol and Kierra, as well as Granny and Granddad, came over and we all went to a Mexican food restaurant in Fort Worth to celebrate Granddad's birthday. We had a great time enjoying wonderful food, conversation and time with each other. Afterwards, we came back to our house and ate birthday cake and opened presents. The boys still think that they need to help other people open their presents, which is kind of funny. Granddad was a good sport. After a very fun weekend, everyone loaded up and went home. We crashed.

It was a very eventful and fun weekend, and it got us excited about Christmas and all of the fun events we have coming up. It also made us want to stay in on Sunday and rest. Which we did.