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This past weekend was very big for Sam and Nate. Not only did they get to spend time with both sets of grandparents, but they actually had their first sleepover away from Gina and I. We were invited to go see TCU v. Baylor down in Waco, and since it was a night game we knew we would be getting back very late. Too late, in fact, to try to take them home once we got back to DFW. So, Granny and Granddad agreed to let the boys try their first sleepover at their house. We prepped them for a couple of days and talked about how to behave, go to bed on time, all the usual sermons parents give their children. When the day finally arrived, the boys were very excited to go to Garland. We dropped them off and headed to Waco, and neither of us was totally sure how the night would play out. Well, everything went off without a hitch! The boys loved playing in the backyard and with the train set Granny has at her house. In fact, when I picked the boys up from school, Nate asked me, "Do you think Granny will let me play with her train set?" I think it is safe to say they got more than their fill of the train set.

After getting back to our house, we had to get everything ready for the arrival of GiGi and PaPa. They were in Shreveport picking up MaMa for a visit to Casper, and they stopped off in Fort Worth for a couple of days. The visit was a lot of fun, and the boys had a great time showing off for the grandparents and great-grandparent. It was very special for us to have everyone together in our home. The boys even got to show off two of their favorite things: the neighborhood pool and Kincaid's Market. Kincaid's has perhaps the best hamburgers in Fort Worth, and it is one of our favorite places to go. I think GiGi, PaPa and MaMa would agree.

Things definitely got quiet around here after all of our visits with the grandparents were over, and we already looking forward to when we get to see them again. One thing that still eludes me is how the grandfathers managed to stay out of most of the pictures.