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Sam and Nate started swimming lessons last week, and they have really enjoyed it so far. Gina and I have been taking them swimming since they were about 6 months old, and with the help of their floaty swimsuits, they have been swimming by themselves since last summer. They have not been using any floaties or anything for their swimming lessons, but the teacher, Miss Christina, still helps them while they are in the water. The children sit on the edge of the pool until is their turn to swim. It is very cute, as you can see from the pictures.

The  boys' good friend, Ruby, is also taking swimming lessons at the same time, but she is in a different group. The first day was actually a whole group lesson on pool safety, and they evaluated each child (Yes, both of ours screamed at first). Everyday since has just been 4 children with Miss Christina.

We also learned today that Sam made a splash in more than the pool, as one of the girls was quite taken with him. Who could resist such an adorable little guy?