Sam and Nate had their end-of-the-year program a couple of weeks ago. We knew from the Christmas program what we could expect, but what we didn't predict is Sam's singing. I will be the first to tell you that both Sam and Nate are good singers (which makes me very happy), but for some reason Sam decided to scream the songs. My video is not that great because I have a bad angle and can't really see Sam. But trust me, you can hear him. That child who is yelling the words louder than everyone else? He's mine. Thankfully, the Lord just hears praise coming from his children and doesn't judge using the worldly standards people like me are so bound to. Nate, on the other hand, is actually singing the songs, but you can't hear him. I should add, Nate had been sick all week and was quite a trooper for getting up there in the first place. You can watch the video of their performance below.