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The boys and I are extremely blessed to have Gina in our lives. If you are reading this, chances are pretty good that you know Gina and love her as much as we do. One of the greatest joys for me is watching Gina be a mommy. It is definitely a role she has taken up with full gusto and puts everything into. We wanted to make sure she knew how much we love and appreciate her this Mother's Day.

The boys and I got a (relatively) early start on the shopping this year and had a fun time looking for presents we thought she would like. Shopping with the boys is getting progressively easier, though they still like to run around the store like wild animals from time to time. I can usually talk to them before we go in and tell them to stay with me, etc., and they understand. Anyway, they behaved themselves on half of the shopping trips this time, which isn't too bad.

On Mother's Day, we started the day with breakfast and letting Gina open her gifts. Then we went to church and came home for an early lunch and nap. The boys slept for a really long time, which was good because the rest of the day was full of activities. Tommy and Carol and their kids, as well as Granny and Granddad, met us at our house for lunch. We had prepared pot roast and vegetables, and I made an angel food cake (from a box!) for desert. Everyone else contributed to the feast, and ate until we were stuffed. We spent the rest of the playing at the park and hanging out at the house. We had a really nice time together, making it a memorable time for everyone. The only challenge during the day was getting Sam and Nate to settle down for bed after so much activity.

The truth is, Gina does so much for us guys in the house that everyday should be Mother's Day. We are so very blessed to have her and look forward to a wonderful summer of fun and family time.