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Easter is quickly becoming my favorite holiday with the boys. We have so many wonderful memories as a family on this day, from taking the boys to church for the first time to seeing them discover the wonder of Easter egg hunts. This year's Easter was full of fun activities that they boys are still talking about (and they are still eating their candy).

Easter Sunday started with us going to church at Northwood. The worship center was packed, and the boys made quite the impression with their dapper suits. The Sunday School teacher, Kimberlin, was beside herself when she saw those two handsome boys strutting down the hall.

After church, we headed to Granny and Granddad's house for lunch and some more fun activities with Tommy and his family. After a delicious lunch, we all went outside to hunt for (more) Easter eggs. Of course, these eggs should have looked familiar because we just used the ones from all the other hunts the boys participated in. The one difference this time, however, was that Granddad actually hid the eggs. This was different than the other "hunts" they went on, where the eggs were just scattered around in plain sight. This particular hunt required some major help from Zach and Kendall.

The next big activity was coloring eggs, which Gina had stayed up late boiling the night before. We started with 3 dozen eggs, and we colored each and every one. Zach and Kendall got quite creative in their coloring, using rubber bands to create stripes and dying the eggs in multiple colors. The end result was quite creative.

We ended the day playing baseball in the backyard, then the boys got baths. This was another great Easter, and I'm glad we were able to share it with family. I have included some images from each Easter since the boys were born in 2008.