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This was one of those weekends that was so packed with fun activities that I am grateful to go back to work today so I can rest up a little. We started off on Friday by going to dinner at Chili's. We let the boys decide what they wanted for dinner, and they both wanted hamburgers. We took them to Kincaid's last weekend, so we decided to try out the old favorite this week. On Saturday, we spent most of the morning cleaning and doing things around the house, then we ate lunch and let the boys take a nap. Once they were up and had a chance to change clothes, we took them to an Easter Egg hunt sponsored by the Fort Worth Mothers of Multiples club. We have done a few activities with this group and always have fun.  The boys took some time to warm up to the Easter Bunny, but they took to Easter egg hunting pretty quickly. They loved the candy, and as if that wasn't enough sugar, they provided cookies and cupcakes afterward.

As we were leaving, Gina remembered that Northwood Church, that we have visited in the past and recently starting attending again, was having a carnival. I don't think I was prepared for this type of carnival. It had actual rides, games and food stands, just like a real carnival. The boys got to ride a few rides, which they absolutely loved. This was their first time to ride these kinds of rides without Mom or Dad hovering over them. OK, we still hovered, but from behind the gate. On the way home we picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza, then headed off to bed.

Sunday was business as usual, with church in the morning. This was our first time to visit Northwood in several months, after visiting some other churches for awhile. I wasn't sure how the boys would respond, but all of my fears were put to rest when Miss Kimberlin, their Sunday School teacher remembered them and was soooo excited to see them. She yelled, "Sam and Nate! I am so happy to see you! Welcome back!" I don't really know how they responded or if they even noticed, but I can tell you it did this daddy's heart good to know that their teacher remembered them after all this time. Later that day, we went to the Youth Ballpark at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington to watch Zachary play baseball. The boys had fun playing in the stands and around the stadium, and I don't think they even noticed who won the game. Afterwards, we went with Granny and Granddad to The Blackeyed Pea. I used to work there (well, not this one, but one in Colorado) in grad school, and I love their food. Going there to eat brought back all kinds of memories.

After arriving home and a (much needed) bath, we headed to bed to get rested for the busy week ahead. It was one of those full weekends that keep us busy, but every turn was filled with a new special memory. I have to admit, I'm pretty tired, but I wouldn't trade this weekend for anything.