Last week we had the great privilege of celebrating Sam and Nate's 3rd  birthday. Their actual birthday was on a Thursday, and we were all cooped up indoors because of the bad weather. The truth is, it was great being home and getting to spend the whole day with Sam and Nate. We had some presents for them to open, and Gina made them each a small cake to eat that afternoon. After a(nother) day of hanging around the house trying to stay warm, we went to Rosa's Cafe that night for some fajitas.

Here is a video of us singing to the boys on their birthday. Notice how Nate uses the "arm pump" technique for blowing out his candles.

Then, on Saturday, we had a party for the boys. The weather warmed up just enough to melt away most of the ice and snow. But alas, their Great Outdoors party was held indoors. The boys definitely knew this party was for them, and they loved playing with their cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents (both sets!) and friends. I think this was the fullest our house has ever been, and we wouldn't have had it any other way. As usual, Gina hit a home run with the boys' cakes, which were decorated with camping and fishing Duplo blocks. The boys also got to wear their great fishing outfits from Cousin Dee, which fit the party perfectly. Other party activities included playing in the tent, listening to a campfire story and eating cake and ice cream (of course). Click through our Picasa page for all of the pictures.

This was a great day for everyone, and though we would love to keep the boys this age forever, we are grateful to be able to share such joyous milestones with family and friends. We love you oh so very much, Sam and Nate!