The past weekend Gina and I took the boys to the State Fair of Texas. We took them to the Illinois State Fair last year, and we knew this was something we wanted to do again. If you had asked me last year which state fair I thought we would take Sam and Nate to, I would've thought you were crazy for asking. Well, a year later it doesn't seem so crazy. I met Gina and the boys there after work, and after a quick change out of my work clothes in the parking lot (classy, I know), we were ready to roll. Things got off to an awesome start when we saw at the front gate none other than Mater himself (or at least the guy who does Mater's voice). Larry the Cable Guy was there filming a show called Only in America. I think we even made it into a couple of shots.

Our next stop was the corn dog stand for a quick bite to eat. Nate and I shared a corn dog, while Sam and Gina had a hamburger. This was our first of several stops to the many food vendors. Here's Nate doing his best "don't mess with me" look.

Sam doesn't look nearly as ominous.

During our stay at the fair, we got to see Big Tex, some exotic wild birds, some clowns, a really cool train display and fire works ... oh, and did I mention we saw Big Tex!?

Another activity we have really been enjoying is the TCU football games. We have now been to 4 home games, and the boys have gone to the last two games with us. I wasn't sure how they would handle the crowds and tight space in the stands, but it turns out that they love the games and attract quite a bit of attention (the good kind, so far). We went to the game against Wyoming (my home state) by ourselves, then last weekend we met Gina's cousin, Jennifer and her husband Sam at the game. We had a great time, and then went to eat Mexican food afterwards. This is us outside the restaurant in the Fort Worth Stockyards.

And this was only the second quarter! Ouch!

I would say that so far, life in Texas is treating us pretty good.