Life in the Alexander home has gotten very interesting and entertaining since the boys have been talking more. We are always amused, and sometimes shocked, to hear what they have picked up from TV, school and Gina and me. I am definitely becoming more mindful of what I say around the boys. Yesterday, as the boys and I were driving home, we passed a blood donation bus in a parking lot. Sam, who is usually the first to point out interesting vehicles from the car, said, "Daddy look! A school bus!" Wanting to be accurate, I said, "Yeah, look at that Sam! Actually, that is  a bus where you can donate blood." Nate immediately shouted, "No, daddy, no!" His tone was very stern, which I'm sure he learned from me. I had to know why he suddenly got so serious. "What's going on, Nate? Why are you telling me no?"  Nate pointed at me (we were at a stop light, so I could see him), and said, "Daddy, no! Don't eat blood!" I guess he thought I was telling his brother not to eat blood (don-ate blood), and these wise words really resonated with him. You know, I couldn't argue with that. I just said, "That's right, Nate. We don't eat blood." I guess Nate won't grow up wanting to be a vampire.