About a week ago we all arrived safely in Fort Worth. The driving was a little harder this time than it has been in the past because a) I was driving a 26-foot moving truck (which wasn't all that bad) and b) we had a caravan of 3 cars. In most cases, this wasn't a big deal but it did make me nervous in the bigger cities. The last 50-mile stretch across the DFW metroplex was the most intense for me, but we made it through with no problems and arrived at our new home about 5 p.m. Gina had called Don and Karen as we were approaching Dallas, and they pulled up within minutes of our arrival. The last week has been very busy as we unpacked our boxes and found a place for all of our stuff. And let me tell you, we have a lot of stuff. That being said, we have found a place for almost everything and our house is now starting to look like a home. With all the activity and changes, I have not really been motivated to blog much, but that will change in the near future.

The boys have adjusted to the move pretty well. In fact, Sam has adjusted a bit too well. He has become so comfortable in his new surroundings that he started climbing out of the crib. Gina and I were both surprised that it took either of the boys this long to start climbing out, and on Friday night the era of "captive babies" came to an end. Thankfully, we were prepared for this event and had already purchased bed rails, which are now installed on their cribs in place of the front gate. So far, they have been going to sleep with minimal resistance, but we'll see if this holds up.

We are grateful to finally be here and are especially thankful that my parents (Ron and Gale) were able to make the trip with us and help with various stages of the move. They are swinging back through town tonight and there will be no work for them to do. This should be a nice break from the last couple of weeks. Thank you to all of you have been praying for our safe move and travels.