On Sunday, Sam, Nate and I got to honor Gina for her third Mother's Day. Of course, we don't wait until the second weekend each May to honor Gina, but this is a day we get to lay it on pretty thick. We started the day off with fresh blueberry muffins and eggs, which Sam and Nate kind of helped me make. By help I mean they stood in the kitchen and screamed "Wuff-wim!" until they were ready. While we were eating our breakfast, we also gave Gina her Mother's Day cards and presents. I gave her a copy of our book, which I recently created from our Virginia Blog. I know, you book purists out there consider it a stretch to call this a "book," but by definition it is bound and follows a consistent theme. It's not bad for a rookie effort. Anyway, the boys got Gina a new bike helmet, which she is wearing in the picture above. She had been asking for one, and since we have been riding bikes quite a bit lately Sam and Nate thought this would be perfect.

After breakfast we went to church, then we had lunch at Chipotle. We went home to take naps (and I got to vacuum the car), then we went on a long bike ride that ended at the park. There were a lot of other families there enjoying the nice weather, which was a lot of fun. The boys especially loved riding on the see-saw with Gina and I. We made it go really high, which caused a lot of squeals and giggles. The day ended with us playing in the backyard, having sandwiches for dinner and taking a bath.

There isn't enough room on this blog for Sam, Nate and I to express our love and appreciation for Gina. She is an unbelievably wonderful mommy, and we are so blessed that God put her in our lives. In Proverbs 31, the author goes into great detail about the characteristics of a noble and godly wife. Verse 28-29 states, "Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her: 'Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.'" Gina truly is amazing in the way she loves and cares for the boys (and her overgrown boy), and she does it with grace and patience. She has definitely made me a better man, and the boys will look back on their lives and see how richly God blessed them through their beautiful mother. Sam sums it up pretty well with this smile: