Gina, Sam and Nate and I have been in Texas for the last week. As many of you know, we are will be moving to Fort Worth this summer to start new jobs in the Fall. Gina will be a nursing professor at Texas Christian University, and I will be splitting my time between the University of North Texas and Good Shepherd Episcopal School. I know if this is the first time you are reading this news, it may seem like it's coming out of nowhere. Actually, this decision has been a long time in the making with a lot of hard decisions and steps of faith along the way. In early January, I received word that my university was in pretty bad financial shape, and in order to make payroll they would need to mandate furlough days and possibly lay people off. Our first response was to look to see what the state of the job market was in case my position got cut. We found nothing for me, but there was a position for Gina at TCU that looked like it had been written for her. She applied, they liked what they saw and she was ultimately offered the job. My journey was not as clear cut, and I won't go into detail about how I landed my job, but God was definitely in the middle of it and I am looking forward to what I will be doing.

So, we came to Texas to find a house and get some things set up before we move down in mid-June. My cousin Amy was able to help us find a house on our first day of looking, and we are really happy with what we found. Here are some pictures of the new pad.

The boys will also be starting preschool in the Fall, and though we are a bit nervous thinking about how they will do, I know this will be good for them. Overall, this is a good move for us and we think it will be good to live close to family. We are certain that this is what God wanted for us, and we are eager to see how he will use us while we are here. In addition to reconnecting with our friends from when we lived here before, we have learned that some of our friends from Virginia are moving here as well. So, God is already opening up some doors for us.

So, that is the latest with us. After a vacation in Florida with Gina's family, we get to head back and pack up our stuff for the move. I have already packed a lot of our stuff, but we still have a long way to go. As usual, it will be a challenge, offer plenty of opportunities to learn and grow and be an exciting adventure.