Today we spent the morning at the Springfield Zoo. Even though this zoo is on the small side, it turned out perfect for us. We were able to run around and see all the animals in about 2 hours,which proved to be plenty of time for the boys. Sam and Nate really liked all the animals, especially the monkeys and lemurs. They also liked hearing the lar gibbons and peacocks screech and squeal. In addition to seeing the animals, the boys got to feed the animals! (Note: This was done WITH the zookeeper's permission AND food supply---raisins--- we wouldn't have done it otherwise.  Another plus is that they actually had sinks and soap for hand washing!) Actually, we should clarify that Nate got to feed the animals. Sam would have nothing to do with it. He stayed on the perimeter and watched while Nate fed goats, sheep and even a lemur (see the video below). The whole experience was everything Gina and I wanted it to be, and it proved to be even better when the boys got to feed animals.We just hope that the next time we visit a zoo Sam will warm up to the animals a little bit. Sam and Nate were exhausted by the time we got in the car to go home, so much so that they didn't even want to eat lunch. They just went straight to bed for their naps. That's the sign of a good day.