Nate has recently decided to ditch the baby look and go for a more erudite persona, like his cousin Ella. It may not be evident just from looking at this picture, but Nate did not exactly get excited about wearing glasses. He is sitting pretty calmly in my lap in this picture, but this was the first time in MANY attempts that he tolerated the glasses for more than a few seconds. Of course, now that he can actually see his environment, he is wearing them almost all the time. We will probably have to get one of those nifty head straps for him because he still will take them off and just leave them wherever. We have a fairly big house, which makes finding the glasses quite challenging. Anyway, there is a pretty good chance you will notice the new look Nate in most of the pictures from now on. He will be getting new frames pretty soon (these are just loaner frames), so keep an eye out for that.